0.1.6: 2018/01/14
Whoa! New platform (yay FreeBSD), new backend (yay Postrges), new language (yes I like PHP), new domain (proudly hosted on Digital Ocean), and new features! Now IPhone and IPad friendly. You can now see pe, pb and 14 day rsi for most stocks in the US, London, Stuttgart, Tokyo, and Australian exchanges.
0.1.5: 2017/08/07
Enhanced browser navigation as it was bugging me not being able to go back.
0.1.4: 2017/08/03
Can now search by company name.
0.1.3: 2017/07/26
Added EOD pricing for Japan, Germany, UK, and Australian stocks. Added currency to search results.
0.1.2: 2017/07/13
Added EOD pricing for US stocks only.
0.1.1: 2017/06/26
Euro and Asia fundamental specific database added (DB2). Still only search by ticker but now results show multiple databases if duplicate information appears. Added this changelog because I felt like it.
0.1.0: 2017/06/01
US fundamental database (DB1). Search by ticker only at the moment. Have to start somewhere.